The TEBEVERT III Modular System is designed to address the critical AC powering requirements of telecom and datacom applications. The TEBEVERT III Modular Inverter System can be scaled in 5 kVA increments up to 25 kVA (non-redundant). Unlike conventional stand-alone inverters, the parallel operating inverter modules in the Tebevert III Inverter can also be scaled to operate with N+1 redundancy. N+1 redundancy insures optimal availability for your critical load applications. If an inverter failure should ever occur, the faulty inverter module will automatically be removed from the output bus before a disruption in the output is seen by the critical load. In this mode of operation, a failure of one inverter will not effect the operation of your critical load. Since all units are designed for “€œhot swap”€ replacement, a faulty module can easily be unplugged and replaced without disturbing the flow of power to critical loads.